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FIBC Bag Baler Machine

FIBC is short for flexible intermediate bulk container. FIBC bag is a flexible fabric bag which is for industrial container purpose. It is also good container for storing and transporting different kind of products. Since it has wide applications, the demand of FIBC bags is not small. But how to handle the large amount of FIBC bags? FIBC bag baler machine is an ideal solution for size reduction in transportation and storage.


FIBC bag wide applications

Actually FIBC bags can transport a lot of materials or products. For example, FIBC bags can transport chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, fertilizers, fiberglass, food products, grains, shotcrete, construction materials like sand or gravel, pigments, granules of plastic, refractories, seeds, peanuts, starch, and hazardous waste materials etc. FIBC bags normally has one, two or four lifting loops. So you can use pallets or by lifting the loops to transport and load the FIBC bags.


FIBC bag baler machines

FIBC bag balers are welcome in many facilities such as FIBC bag production unit. There are many different kind of baling machines that suits for baling FIBC bags. Vertical baler, baling and bagging machine, and even large horizontal baler are all available. SINOBALER as professional baler manufacturer in China, we can offer the best suitable baling solutions for your own project.


Take FIBC bags for food grade for example, the final bale size can be L950mm * W1100mm * H1150mm, L1000mm * W1200mm * H1150mm or L800mm * W1200mm * H1150mm. To better suit this baling requirement, a customized vertical baler with 60tons or 100tons is an ideal option. Of course, customers prefer to have some spare parts to make sure machine can smoothly run in whole year. SINOBALER has rich experience in this type of baling machine customization. Contact us now if you have any specific FIBC baling requirements.


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