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Flax Shavings Baler in Flax Shavings Recycling

Why flax shavings baler is popular in flax shavings recycling?

Flax is a type of annual herb and natural plant fiber. And it mostly grows in cooler areas in the world. This plant is widely used to be made into textiles and linseed oil. In addition to this, flax shaving bedding has become a bi-product to the flax cultivation industry. For animal bedding, there are many kinds of popular materials that are used by farms such as wood shavings, sawdust, straw, hay, pine shavings, etc. Flax bedding is dust fee and several times more absorbent than the above common bedding materials. Also, thanks to its good features of more cost-efficient, safe and environment-friendly, flax shaving bedding has become a very good choice for animal bedding. Flax shavings baler is a popular recycling machine in whole process.

Speak of the transportation, storage, and handling of flax shaving, a baling and bagging baler is a must-have flax shavings baler machine for those who are dealing with flax shavings because shavings are very small pieces in loose condition. It will be very costly and inconvenient to handle and transport in its original condition.

Flax shavings baler machines in SINOBALER

Baling and bagging baler is used to compress the small loose material into dense and uniform bales in bags. Sinobaler produce three series of bagging baler which are scale weighing horizontal bagging baler, heavy duty horizontal bagging baler and vertical bagging baler. Each series has different models to make different bale size and bale weight. Scale weighing horizontal bagging baler series usually will be chosen for making bale weight below 20kg, however if you would like to make bales heavier than 20kg, heavy duty horizontal bagging baler series would be the optimal choice because this series are with bigger compressing force and bigger chamber size than scale weighing type.

If you are looking for flax shaving baler, contact us today, Sinobaler will assist you to find the most suitable baler to fit your baling needs.

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