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Footprint Baler Machine

Footprint baler normally is popular as small footprint baler machine. These balers take up far less space than horizontal baler machines. So they are easy to move and sometimes you can move it only with the trolley.


Why footprint baler is so popular in the market?

First, footprint baler takes up little space. So it is very suitable for the space limited facility like distribution centers or vessels. If you want to combine high compaction with a small footprint and low height, small footprint baler machine can perfectly fit your needs.

Second, footprint baler is a perfect baling solution for facilities who only requires small volumes but variety kind of waste including but not limited to cardboard, paper, PET bottles, films, cans, textiles and other soft packaging materials etc. So you can have more versatile materials to bale with this baler.

Third, the purchasing cost of footprint balers are much lower than large horizontal balers. So it is an ideal option for those who has little financial budget or just starts the waste recycling. Because it is more affordable.


Footprint baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several footprint balers for your different range baling output options. We offer a free trial and site survey. Our mini baler is also popular as vessel baler or marine baler. There are hundreds of mini balers installed at vessels all over the world for compacting daily consumable waste like cardboard and plastics. Our footprint balers are popular in drug stores, supermarkets, retail, distribution centers and many other industry segments. We can also tailor your footprint baling machine which is best capable of producing bales to that meet your most preferable dimensions and weight specifications. Our goal is to offer the small footprint, versatile and affordable footprint baler to best suit your site baling purpose. Contact SINOBALER today to find your own baling solution. View more size reduction machines from here.