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Footwear Baler Machine

There are billions of pairs of new shoes worldwide every year. Most shoes end up in landfills after they have been worn. So this creates a lot of pressure to the environment year by year. How to reuse or renew old shoes? Waste free technology and methods are exploring. Footwear offcuts can be further as raw material for new sustainable shoes. Footwear baler machine is a good size reduction machine to compress footwear into dense bales for easy transportation and storage.


How to recycle footwear offcuts?

Normally shoe manufacturer cut shoe parts from large fabric sheets. Since different design shoe parts can create 30% of offcuts which goes to waste previously, recycling is an ideal solution. Actually these offcuts can be further used as good materials for other shoes manufacturing. For example, the production of children’s shoes can reuse these materials. But how to transport these offcuts to children’s shoes manufacturer? Then footwear baler machine can help.


Footwear baler machine in SINOBALER

Footwear companies who are in textile recycling know the importance of having a footwear baler to ensure easier storage and transport. For example, handling of 6mm thick leather offcuts is not always easy. Also footwear baling machine can make your site much neater because baler has the capacity to handle the volume of offcuts into dense bales.

SINOBALER has several type of baling machines suitable for footwear offcuts baling purpose. Footwear offcuts are highly elastic or strongly expandable materials, our lifting chamber baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are ideal solutions. Different structure of footwear balers meet different baling requirements including output, bale size, bale weight, materials feeding method, strapping materials and packing method etc. Just send us your own baling needs, our professional engineer team will tailor your case and get the right baler machine for you. View more textile size reduction machines.