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Full Eject Baler Machine

What are full eject balers? 

Full eject baler refers to a particular type of baler from which the completed tied up bale is pushed fully out of the baling chamber by extending the compression ram. They are mostly horizontal balers. 

What are the use of full eject balers? 

Because of the 100% separation of each bale, these balers are excellent for handling multi-grades of materials. Also with horizontal baler design, there is a top loading hopper making material feeding easy. The full eject baling press machine is best suitable for operations that process a variety of materials, demanding high output with high bale density and less labor involvement. They are ideal choices for places like municipalities, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, scrap yards, recycling centers, shopping centers, transfer stations etc.

Full Eject baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized baler supplier in China. We offer both manual tie and auto tie full eject baler options to suit clients’ different needs.

The manual tie full eject baler is a good option for facilities that handle no more than 4 tons volume of waste per hour. And it is also with relatively low labor cost. Except for manual tying, all other processes are automatic such as material feeding with a conveyor, compressing, bale outlet door opening and closing as well as bale ejection.

Our auto tie full eject baling machine adopts two ram design, one ram for compression and the other for ejection. The auto tying system is a separate device. It can be with wire tying, or plastic strap tying or even dual system in cooperating both tying materials. Our auto tie full eject balers are perfect choices for waste management facilities who are baling very large volume of multi types of waste material daily. The baling operation is fully automatic requiring the minimum labor involvement. Also our standard models can bale up to 18 tons per hour.

So Contact us for your optimal baling solution. 

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