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Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers For Sale

Fully automatic baler is the ideal baling solution for big amount of waste materials compacting purpose. If you have large amount of waste materials or your worker labor cost is very high, fully automatic horizontal balers for sale is always your right choice.

Automatic horizontal balers for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as the top end China baler manufacturer, fully automatic baler is always our strength in waste recycling market. Now we have two type of fully automatic horizontal balers for sale.

1. Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler
This auto baler is our popular fully automatic baler series. From 20 tons to 120 tons based on compressing force, or from 0.8 tons to 16 tons per hour based on OCC, you can also choose different level based on your materials and output purpose. For cooling system, you can choose water cooling or air cooling. Normally steel wire tying structure is applicable for this automatic baler. Cardboard, plastic bottles, coconut fiber, alfalfa, unchopped straw or hay, plastic film as well as paper waste are all applicable.

2. Two-ram fully automatic horizontal baler
Releasing from steel wire limitation, either steel wire tying or plastic strapping is optional in L-type two ram automatic baler. Compared to single-ram auto baler, two-ram auto baler covers almost all recyclable waste incl cardboard, paper, plastic containers, plastic film, plant fiber, textile waste and unchopped straw or hay etc.. You can also choose different typing number for different materials. Many flexible and easy features are in this automatic baling machines. If you want plastic strapping for baling material costing saving, if you want easy baler structure to avoid more problems, this baler is your right choice.

Contact us today if you have any baling questions. So our professional baler engineer and sales team are ready to discuss your project and tailor your need now.

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