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Glass Wool Baler Machine

Sand and recycled glass are the raw materials of glass wool. You can see glass wool rolls or glass wool slabs with different thermal and mechanical properties in the market. Glass wool is non-flammable and insoluble in water. Also it consists of air and insulates very well. So it is a quite popular insulation material in construction and related industry. For example, you can use it for insulation of floors, facades, roofs, interior walls, cavity wall, ceiling tiles, curtain walls, ducting, piping and also for soundproofing. Finding a suitable glass wool baler is an ideal solution to save transportation cost.

Why you need a glass wool baler?

Since glass wool is a voluptuous product, it makes transport very expensive. Although it weighs little but pressing it is difficult because it cannot be compressed very much. It is only safe to reduce a bit of size, otherwise the compression may break the glass threads and it will lose its insulation value. So it is quite important to find a baler manufacturer with rich glass wool baling experience to compress it in an acceptable level. Then you can save your transportation cost in glass wool handling.

Glass wool balers in SINOBALER

Glass wool is material which is easy to work. Since it does not retain moisture and does not absorb moisture, it will be not the breeding ground for fungi. Also it is largely made from recycled glass fiber and its production requires little energy. Glass wool has an increasing demand as an insulation material. So it is necessary to use a glass wool baler to reduce a little size of it. SINOBALER textiles balers are all suitable to bale glass wool. You can choose from single lifting chamber baler and swivel twin lifting chamber baler based on your individual baling requirement. We can tailor the bale size and bale weight per customer’s wishes.

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