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Green Fodder Baler

Green Fodder: Farmers use green fodder to feed their cattle that include cows, chicken, pigs, etc. It is a kind of food that farmers have to make for them that is not the typical grass and hay on which they feed. Green fodder carries a great importance for the domestic livestock. So green fodder recycling really make sense. Some green fodder recycling machines such as green fodder baler are good help.

Green Fodder Baler:

All the farmers require fodder for their domestic livestock as a healthy diet. In the beginning, they used to grow it throughout the year and had to cut the fresh stock for their cattle as there was no machine that could preserve the fodder. Now we can find different balers in the market that are useful preserving the fodder. Green fodder baler compresses the fodder and saves it for the further use. As we, all know that animals need fodder throughout the year and one cannot have enough storage to save the raw fodder, so green fodder baler is very useful because it helps a lot in preserving the fodder by converting it into bales.

Green fodder baler compresses the fodder and then farmers can wrap them and save them for the whole year. A machine is very handy for all the farmers as it helps them to save the fodder for using it throughout the year.

Types of Green Fodder Baler:

There are different types of green fodder baler available in the markets that have various properties. There is a simple green fodder baler that is quite simple in its making and working but the improved green fodder baler are useful because they have great technologies that save your time and labor. They make compact bales that are easy to store and use. The handling of improved green fodder baler is user-friendly.

  • – Baling and bagging machine is ideal option for chopped green fodder.
  • – Fully automatic horizontal baler is good baling solution for unchopped green fodder.
  • – Movable baler: these balers have wheels so that an animal or a person can drag it. Whereas some of the advanced balers are attached with the tractors. As the tractor moves around the field, the baler does its jobs. It cuts the fodder and makes the bales automatically. Such green fodder balers save a lot of time and labor. It is also economical for the farmers, as they do not have to pay the people to cut the fodder for their cattle.


The efficiency of fodder balers depends on their capacity of input and output. More the baler will be able to adjust fodder in it, more bales will be made in less time.

You can buy green fodder baler online:

Green fodder balers are available everywhere and many people are getting advantages from it as it helps in saving the fodder. You can visit your local market and get a good green fodder baler. However, many dealers are also selling good quality green fodder balers online. There are different websites that you can visit online and get all the information regarding good balers.


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