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Grocery Store and Supermarket Waste Recycling

A grocery store is a retail store that primarily sells food like meat, fresh produce, dairy, baked food as well as canned and packaged food. Whilst a supermarket is in larger scale, offering a much wider selection of both food and non-food items such as clothes, kitchenware, household cleaners, pharmacy products, pet supplies, etc. How to deal with the waste from grocery store and supermarket? Recycling is a good solution. Some recycling machines like supermarket waste baler are helpful.

There are mainly three waste streams generated by grocery stores and supermarkets. First of all, it is food/organic waste – everything from spoiled produce to meat trimmings, from bakery to deli waste. In the past, these food/organic waste is hauled off to landfills at great disposal cost and an even greater environmental expense to society. For grocery stores and supermarkets, sending their organics waste to composting operations, food banks or to farms and zoos for animal feed is a money-saving alternative to disposal, not to mention better for the environment.

Grocery store and supermarket waste baler machine in recycling

Cardboard and film plastic (shrink wrap) are the other two main waste streams. Almost all the goods when they initially arrive at grocery stores and supermarkets are packed. And before they are placed on the shelves for selling, they are unpacked generating packaging waste consisting of carton boxes and film plastic. It is an ideal way to collect these packaging materials and use a baler to compress them into dense and manageable bales. Through baling, not only the working area is kept as a tidy and safe place, but also the store itself can sell the baled recyclables to paper mill and plastic pallet manufacturers, avoiding waste disposal cost and meanwhile creating revenue. SINOBALER has a wide range of baling machines for different waste baling purpose. Contact us for your idealĀ grocery store and supermarket waste baler machine.


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