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Groundnut Shell Baler

Groundnut shell, also known as peanut shell, is the outer covering of peanuts that is removed during the process of shelling. It is a by-product of the peanut industry and is typically considered a waste product. However, groundnut shells have many potential uses, such as fuel for heating or cooking, animal feed, and as a source of fiber for paper production. Therefore, it is important to efficiently collect and compress groundnut shells for storage and transport to their intended end use. This is where a groundnut shell baler comes in.

A groundnut shell baler is a machine that compresses the groundnut shells into compact bales, which are easier to handle, transport, and store. By compacting the shells into bales, the overall volume is reduced, making it easier and more efficient to transport and store.

Groundnut shell balers can range in size from small manual machines to large hydraulic balers, depending on the volume of groundnut shells to be processed, as well as the desired level of automation and efficiency. The baler typically consists of a hopper where the groundnut shells are loaded, a compression chamber where the shells are compacted into bales, and a hydraulic system that provides the force to compress the shells.

SINOBALER has several type of baling machines available for compacting loose and small particles such as groundnut shells. The most popular one is bagging baler which is an important machine for the efficient use of groundnut shells. By compressing the shells into bales and pushing the bales into plastic bags, they can be transported over long distances more easily and stored more efficiently, which reduces waste and improves the overall utilization of this valuable resource.

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