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Haylage Baler For Sale

Haylage has higher moisture content and normally stored in a sealed plastic wrap. How to bale and wrap it? Haylage baler for sale is your good solution.


Do you know the difference between hay and haylage?

Haylage and hay are both from grass or silage. The difference is the processing method.

Haylage has a lot moisture in it than common hay (about 60% as opposed to 20%) . Because it is wrapped in plastic soon after cutting to ferment. It also has a much higher energy value. So it is better for horse if you feed haylage.

Hay is cut and then turned until it is dry. It does not have so much moisture as haylage. So it increases levels of dust and some nutrients are lost during the storage.


Haylage baler and hay baler difference

Hay baler can be round baler or square baler. Normally it is large fully automatic baler in farm machinery. It does not in a wrapped status and only wire is fine.

Haylage baler need to bale and seal the haylage into a plastic package. So baling and bagging machine is the ideal option. It can bale the haylage and seal it immediately so that you can keep more moisture as much as possible.


Haylage baler for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three kind of baling and bagging machines for baling haylage. These three haylage baler for sale are all ideal but have small differences. Vertical baling and bagging machine is suitable for facility with small space. The scale weighing baling and bagging machine has scale weighing function and is suitable for lower output purpose. The heavy duty horizontal baling and bagging machine does not have scale function but it is suitable for large amount of baling purpose. Also it can work with feeding system for more efficient feeding. Of course, you can also connect it to other machines like haylage shredder for production line. So you can choose the right haylage baler based on your own requirements. Contact SINOBALER if you need a help.


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