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HDPE Drum Baler Machine

Typical HDPE drums recycling process

HDPE means high density and high molecular weight polyethylene. Due to its thick, durable side-walls, UV resistant and leak-proof properties, it is quite useful in storing food, chemicals, phamaceuticals and other industrial containers. HDPE drums are available in open-head and tight-head, 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon and even 95 gallon. When these plastic drums become scrap and they occupy so much space, it is quite necessary to compact them into dense bales for easy handling and space saving. Also HDPE drums are recyclable, recycling HDPE drums is the ideal way for both environment and economy. How to recycle HDPE drums in a cost-effective and efficient way?

1. Compress large size HDPE drums into dense bales by a HDPE drum baler for the first size reduction.

2. Send HDPE drums bales to plastic recycling center.

3. Shred the HDPE drums into small pieces through a plastic shredder.

4. Melt HDPE and cut them into smaller granules.

5. Wash and dry the granules.

6. Extrude or use a mesh to filter granules of your desired size.

Types of HDPE drum balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as the top-end baler manufacturer in China, we offer several kind of HDPE drum baler machines to suit your different capacity level. Below are some typical HDPE drum balers for your reference:

Vertical drum crusher is the baling machine specially designed to bale HDPE drums one by one. It can flatten one drum vertically in one operation and this greatly saves space. If you want automatic baling one drum by one drum, our automatic drum crusher set is the ideal option.

Mill size baler is a medium size vertical baler, so it is quite suitable to bale several drums into one bale.

Heavy duty dual ram baler is a heavy vertical baler and can compress a bit more drums than that of mill size balers due to its higher compressing force and large compressing chamber.

Manual-tie horizontal baler uses horizontal force to compress HDPE drums into compact bales. This is ideal for medium size of drums capacity requirements.

If you have very large quantity of HDPE drums, L-type two ram automatic baler is the best suitable solution.

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