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HDPE Pill Bottles Baler Machine

What are HDPE pill bottles?

Pill bottles also popular as pill containers, pill vials, pharmacy bottles or medicine bottles. They are designed to store medication. HDPE pill bottles are manufactured from HDPE and available in several typical sizes from 20ml to 150ml. Also they are always for use with desiccant cap.

How to dispose of empty HDPE pill bottles?

Normally Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the right order when it comes with waste management. So empty HDPE pill bottles can be reused or recycled. Of course, before reusing or recycling, it is quite good to clean the empty HDPE pill bottles thoroughly first. And then it is necessary to remove the labels. Some local organizations such as animal shelters, veterinarians, free clinics and homeless shelters may reuse these pill bottles. Also many charitable organizations may reuse them for the less fortunate or even undeveloped countries. For daily life, you can also reuse it for storage of small toys, food, coins, pushpins and medicines etc..

For recycling HDPE pill bottles, most recycling centers accept HDPE. You can benefit from the use of a baler to compress the materials and save transportation cost. When HDPE pill bottles are collected, sorted and cleaned, they will be then shredded and melted down to further refine the polymer. The plastic is then cooled into pellets for manufacturing new plastic products.

HDPE pill bottles baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures a complete line of baling press machines to suit the ideal compressing of all kinds of materials. Both vertical balers and horizontal balers are optional for baling HDPE pill bottles. If your capacity is not too much, vertical baler is more cost effective. But when you have large scale materials for compressing, a horizontal baler even a fully automatic baler will be better choice for efficient work and labor cost saving. So contact SINOBALER today to find your most suitable HDPE pill bottles baler.

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