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Hemp Baler Machine

The application of hemp?

Hemp is a very useful agricultural commodity and a wide rang of products use it as raw material. We normally use hemp in foods and beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, and nutritional supplements as the important nutrients. We also use the hemp in fabrics and textiles, yarns and spun fibers, paper, carpeting, home furnishings, construction and insulation materials, auto parts, and composites. You can also find hemp in animal bedding, material inputs, paper-making, and oil absorbents. Hemp baler is mainly popular for baling hemp like seeds, berries, roots, leaves , etc.

Why we need a hemp baler?

As it is known that, the hemp has high requirements for storage environment. So we need to protect hemp from air, water, external pollution,etc. When we want to keep them in good condition for long term storage, it is a tough task. Because the hemp is also a kind of material with large volume. We need to think of a way to reduce the volume of storage and save the storage/shipping space.

Hemp baling press machine can solve both the problems for us. Because hemp baling machine does not only has the function of compressing but also can pack the bale with plastic bags. With the hemp baler’s compressing function, we can press the hemp into high density cube for saving the storage/shipping space. Moreover, if the space is saved, it can also save the shipping cost of transferring the hemp to different places for selling or further processing. With the hemp baler’s function of packing the hemp in plastic bag, we can protect the hemp from all kinds of possible pollution. If you want to keep the hemp completely from air, you can also use a sealing machine as the last step to vacuum it and seal it to protect it from air.

How to use a hemp baler?

The operation of hemp baler baler is very easy. You just need to load the hemp into the hemp baler manually or auto feeding with conveyor and then press the start button. The hemp baler will work automatically and you just need to wait at the exit of the baler. When you find the bale of hemp is coming out, you can use a plastic bag to set in the exit and pack the bale.

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