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Herbal Medicine Baler / Herbal Medicines Baling Machine

Herbal medicine baler is a herbal medicines baling press machine. It is widely used in baling herbal medicines like plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers. After baling, they will be transferred to the pharmaceuticals company which will use these herbal to make herbal medicine like pills, oral liquid to cure disease.


Why we use herbal medicine baler?

In nowadays, people are tend to use the medicines with the label “nature” which means it is exactly from medical herbal. The herbal medicine is very popular on the market. So more and more people are devoted to plant herbal for medicinal use. The large quantity of plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers are needed to be packed up and sold. The herbal medicines baler machine plays an important role to help the planter to bale their herbals. After baling, the herbals will be tighter and heavier, making them more convenient for transportation. The herbal medicine baler machine is a very useful baler machine which makes the herbals in loose condition to become a tight bale. Hence it saves a lot of storage space and transportation cost.


Herbal medicine baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has various balers for herbal medicines baling purpose. You can choose vertical type or horizontal type. Also you can choose bag packing type or strap packing type. The small bale can be 5 kg/bale, while the large bale can up to 1000 kg/bale. The capacity can also be up to 12 tons per hour. No matter you are either a small scale planter or big plant company, you can always find your ideal herbal medicine baler machine in SINOBALER.

In conclusion, you can choose the herbal medicine baler according to what herbal you plant. For seed, berries or roots, you can go for the bagging baler. For flowers or grass, you can go for strap packing type baler. If you have specific requirement about bale size and bale weigh for export purpose, we also can customize herbal medicines baler machine for you.


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