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High Capacity Baler Machine

Baler is a compacting machine to compact various materials into a round or rectangular shape bale. Different structure design and power level lead to different baling capacity. High capacity baler machine is a baling press machine which can compress materials in a quick and efficient way.

High capacity baler machines in the market

High capacity refers to high yield in baling result. It is not an absolute concept but a relative concept. Because different materials have their own high capacity baler. It is not right to compare the capacity among different materials. Because different material has different original density, moisture rate and rebounding rate etc. So we know high capacity baler for some material should be the baler which can achieve very high baling output for this material within an hour or a day.

Take one of the most popular recycling material cardboard waste for example, there are many kind of balers in the market which can compress cardboard into dense bales. But which one can call it as high capacity cardboard baler? Of course, common vertical mill size baler which is the most popular cardboard baler in previous year’s selling history, is not in the range of high capacity balers. Fully automatic horizontal baler which can achieve even up to 18 tons OCC per hour, is the right machine to be called high capacity baler.

High capacity balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has different high capacity balers in our product range for different materials. Our fully automatic horizontal balers are almost the universal balers for versatile materials to achieve high yield in baling. For example, cardboard, paper, coconut fiber, RDF, MSW, unchopped hay and straw, PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic films, aluminum cans, solid waste and many other recovered materials are all workable. Contact SINOBALER for your own high capacity baling machine now.

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