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High Density Baler Machine

Baler is a machine to compact materials into dense bales. The main purpose of purchasing a baler is to save cost on transportation and storage. So higher density bale is more popular and cost effective for a baler investment. This is why high density baler machine is so popular in the market.


High density baler machines

Different materials have their own high density balers. Because different material baling may require different structure to better suit a good baling result. Below are some typical high density baler machines:

Farmers want high density hay bales to improve efficiency and reduce the hauling and storing cost associated with hay production. They want to load a truck with maximum weight but normal density bales cannot achieve the goal. High density heavy bales have more weight and can lower the freight rates. For example, a typical large square bale is weighing about 500-600 kg, but high density bale can push the weight up to 700-800 kg. It reduce the costs by increasing the bale density. High output is a key success factor for every large square baler. So high density hay balers are popular in the market.

Cardboard recycling is in huge amount. The maximum truck load or container load capacity will be the best. In China, most cardboard collection centers prefer to use manual tie horizontal baler to make very dense bales. For small cardboard recycling facility, vertical mill size baler is the cost effective baling solution. For large scale cardboard recycling, fully automatic horizontal baler is the most efficient baling option.

Plastic bottle recycling is also popular in the waste recycling world. Long stroke baler is a cost effective vertical high density baler. Of course, manual tie horizontal baler is also a good option for medium size plastic bottle recycling. For large amount of plastic bottle baling, fully automatic baler machine is always the first machine to consider.


Contact SINOBALER for your own high density baler machines for your unique baling purpose. Our team will tailor your needs and recommend the baler with the ability to produce very high density bales. View more size reduction machines.