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High Output Baler / High Production Baler

Baler as an efficient size reduction machine in packing and transporting for recyclers, is making an increasingly important role in waste recycling world. With the development of waste reduction sense enhancement and waste handling and recycling technology, high production baler or high output baler seems more and more popular in the market worldwide. Of course, high output is always changing as time goes by. Previously 6-7 tons OCC baling per hour can be in the high output range. Nowadays it is only the medium level.


Key factors contribute a high production baler or high output baler

There are some key factors which contribute high output to your baler. We can separate it into two parts: structure difference and design difference.

Structure difference means different structure baler has different maximum output. This is the most important factors for a high output baler. For example, vertical baler with feeding system always has lower output than fully automatic horizontal baler with conveyor feeding system. The horizontal design allows baler to operate without stopping for bale separation doors. Auto tie system can tie off bales with wire automatically which maximize output. Even within vertical baler range, single chamber lifting chamber baler is not as efficient as the performance of swivel twin lifting chamber baler. Swivel twin lifting chamber can achieve baling and feeding at the same time which greatly improve working efficiency. Of course these structure difference are easy for understanding.

For same structure baler, some design difference play the role. The cylinder force is very crucial to the bale density. Higher hydraulic pressure provides a higher cylinder force. The higher force means high compressing force to the bale and then you can expect a higher bale weight. The speed of cylinder determines the cycle time. The shorter cycle time can produce more number of bales and then make higher output. Also the larger baling chamber with higher pressure is good to the higher output of each bale.


There are some other factors contribute the whole baler machine system. Contact SINOBALER to know more details about how to choose a high output baler based on your budget and baling requirements. View more size reduction machines.