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High Power Mega Baler Machine

What is a high power mega baler? 

The high power mega baler is one of Sinobaler’s most popular down stroke hydraulic balers. These high power mega balers are standard-alone vertical baling machines, so they compress waste materials from up to down. This baler is quite suitable for baling a wide range of recyclable waste including but not limited carton, cardboard, OCC, plastic bottles, plastic film, plastic bags, newsprint, aluminum cans, textile, office wasters and other packaging materials. So the high power mega baling machine is an ideal baling solution for waste recycling facilities, cardboard or paper manufacturing units, supermarkets, department store, grocery stores, drug stores, printing facilities and others.

What are the design features of high power mega baler? 

The high power mega baler is versatile and also produces big results. It features wide feed opening which makes it easier and more efficient to feed big-sized bulky waste. The slide feeding door opens automatically along with the press plate’s upward movement, which promotes work efficiency and saves labor. The up and down movement of the feeding door also reduces space occupation. Bale height is adjustable, so you can adjust to your required bale height based on your specific needs. The bale ejection chains can smoothly eject the finished bales.

What are the benefits of using high power mega baler? 

When you have limited space and do not have high budget, the high power mega baling press machine is really what you need for an effective baling solution. The power to produce high bale densities gives the mega baling machine a real advantage. So the high power mega baling machine can effectively compress the recyclable waste into dense and manageable sizes. It greatly helps you reduce shipping cost because maximum truck loads can be achieved. It also minimize material handling, labor and storage costs.

Buying high power mega baler from SINOBALER. 

SINOBALER is a specialized hydraulic baler manufacturer based in China. All our machines are CE certified with related certificate available. We are very experienced with exporting balers to overseas customers. So if you are looking for a high power mega baling machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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