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High Volume Industrial Baler Machine

It is no wonder that high volume industrial baler is a baling machine that can achieve super high level of baling capacity. So it is quite popular for those facilities which has large amount of waste materials waiting for compacting. General speaking, such kind of high volume baler has a variety of applications. For example, cardboard and paper waste, PET bottles, HDPE containers, shrink wrap, steel and aluminum cans, foam, fiber, textiles and other materials etc. So manufacturing facilities, recycling centers, large warehouses or distribution, large retail or shopping centers, transfer stations, and other large industrial facilities are all quite need a high volume industrial baling machine for their waste management and handling.

High volume industrial baler machines in the market

Most high volume industrial balers are in horizontal type, because it is easier for equipping material feeding system and achieve fully automatic operation. Here we introduce two kind of fully automatic horizontal balers for high volume baling purpose:

1. Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

This is one of the most popular automatic balers if we can do not consider the large compactors for agriculture. The advantage of this kind of baler is that it is less costly, easy to operate, and high volume baling output. However, it has disadvantage which is only steel wire is optional for baling. This makes baling wire is a bit costly compared to plastic strapping. Also it is not suitable for some materials like textiles which need no damage to product.

2. L-type two-ram automatic horizontal baler

This is the top line of automatic balers. Due to its flexible tie system, you can benefit from lower cost strapping material, low maintenance cost and downtime, and more versatile baling applications. But it is costly in purchase cost due to its two ram design and advanced tie system.

So contact SINOBALER today to find your most suitable high volume industrial baling press machine.

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