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HIPS TV Housings Baler Machine

What is HIPS?

High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is considered as the best styrenic material for all kinds of load bearing applications. There are many typical applications such as food packaging, house wares, video and audio cassettes and office products. Also radio, TV housings and computer resins normally uses the ignition-resistant plastic grades.

Why recycle HIPS TV housings?

Generally speaking, HIPS scraps from TV housings are in high quality. Benefit from its hard, rigid, translucent and impact resistant properties, it still have wide applications in yoghurt pots, refrigerator linings, bathroom cabinets, vending cups, toilet seats and tanks, closures and instrument control knobs. So HIPS recycling and scrap utilization can minimize the environment impact by reducing the landfills to pollute the environment.

HIPS TV housings baler in TV housings scrap recycling

There are many buyers and sellers of scrap HIPS plastic in the market. Sellers normally will compact HIPS TV housings into tight bales for easy selling and handling cost saving. This is why HIPS TV housings baler works here. Because it can greatly save the volume of transportation and make the movement convenient. You can see the direct sale of HIPS TV housings bales in the market. Buyers purchase these bales and can produce and re-process them in new products.

SINOBALER HIPS TV housings balers

SINOBALER as a professional baler manufacturer in China, provides a wide range of baling press machines for all kinds of waste materials. Our baler products covers different kind of vertical balers and horizontal balers to suit different baling requirements from customers all over the world. For hard plastic like HIPS TV housings, our heavy duty dual ram baler is the most popular one in past experience. Of course, if you have large quantity of HIPS TV housings, we will recommend our manual-tie horizontal baler or even L-type twin ram automatic baler to meet your high capacity requirement. Contact SINOBALER team today to tailor your baling machine.

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