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Horizontal Automatic Tie Baler Machine

What is a horizontal automatic tie baler?

Horizontal automatic tie baler normally is for high volume applications. And it is fully automated in horizontal configuration. So it is quite popular in recycling centers or large businesses who need to recycle large quantities of versatile materials. Materials are input by a conveyor or other feeding system. When materials are dropped into the chamber through the hopper and sensor detects the chamber is full, the platen will move to compress the material under the horizontal press and baling process will start automatically. After the compressed bale is ready, horizontal automatic baler will tie off the bale and eject the bale out automatically. So such automation process greatly saves labor cost and enhance the efficiency as well as working safety. The stackable high density bales are easily for handling, transportation and selling.

The wide applications of horizontal automatic tie baler

Horizontal automatic tie baling machine can manage the versatile waste materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, shrink wrap, aluminum cans, coconut fiber, straw and hay etc.. Also for some automatic baler with individual wire tie system like L-type two ram automatic baler, more materials like used clothes are available for baling.

Horizontal automatic tie balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER horizontal automatic tie balers provides a highly efficient solution for big capacity baling requirements. Both single ram automatic horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler are ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, middle to large size recycling and material recovery facilities etc.. This kind of baler can maximize output and minimize labor cost by full automatic operation from material feeding to bale ejection. PLC control and touch screen improves ease of operation and monitoring. High pressure system helps to produce super dense bales which increase the shipment loading capacity and hence reduce transportation cost as much as possible.

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