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Horizontal Baler Manufacturer

Balers can be vertical balers or horizontal balers. Horizontal balers compress the materials with a horizontal force while vertical balers do it with a vertical force. Horizontal balers have many benefits over vertical balers. For example, horizontal balers can have much higher output and wider material applications. Most fully automatic baling machines are all horizontal baler structure. Almost all the popular baler manufacturers are also horizontal baler manufacturer.


How to choose a right horizontal baler manufacturer?

First, you need to find an experienced baler manufacturer who has rich experience in baling your material. For different material better baling purpose, there may have some modifications on structure or hydraulic system design. These changes are from prior experience and also important for better baling result.

Second, a good horizontal baler manufacturer should have good feedback from his customers. So a good customer reference list is good material for you to investigate the baler manufacturer.


SINOBALER – Top option of your horizontal baler manufacturer

SINOBALER has many type of horizontal balers for your different materials and output baling purpose.

  1. – Baling and bagging machine

SINOBALER has three type of baling and bagging machine for options. Vertical baling and bagging machine is suitable for space limited facility. Scale weighing baling and bagging machine is ideal for small bales with same weight purpose. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is suitable for large amount of small and loose materials baling and bagging purpose. It also can work with conveyor system for efficient feeding. Sealing machine is also available for bag sealing purpose.

  1. – Closed end manual-tie horizontal baler

This baling machine is with medium amount of baling purpose. The output is between manual baler and automatic baler.

  1. – Fully automatic horizontal baler

SINOBALER has two type of fully automatic balers. Single-ram auto baler is only for steel wire strapping purpose and the ideal baling materials are cardboard&paper, unchopped hay&straw, natural fiber and plastic packagings. Two-ram auto baler is workable for both plastic strapping and steel strapping. Also it is almost available for all kind of different waste materials.

  1. – Horizontal briquetting baler

This machine can make the materials directly into a block without any packaging further. But it is only available to certain materials with some conditions.

So just send SINOBALER your baling requirements, we will study your inquiry case by case and recommend the most suitable baler for you within 24 hours.