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Horizontal Balers / Horizontal Baling Press Machines

Unlike the vertical balers that process or compress materials under a vertical downward force, horizontal balers work in a different way. When materials are fed into horizontal baler hopper and hopper is full, a ram will compress the material under the horizontal force until the bale is complete. In most cases, horizontal baler has conveying system for easy material feeding. If it is an automatic horizontal baler, the bale can be tied off with wires and ejected automatically. So it is very efficient.


Horizontal balers advantages

Disregard of price and machine size, horizontal balers have some good advantages over vertical balers.

  1. – Higher Output

Horizontal baler can process materials into larger bales which vertical baler may difficult to achieve. Also horizontal baler is much easier to work with more efficient feeding system like conveyor. So horizontal baler can have higher baling output than vertical baler’s. You can see fully automatic balers are all horizontal type baler machines.

  1. – Convenience

Horizontal balers can work together with in-ground conveyor belt or above-ground conveyor belt, other size reduction machines like shredders, and air system. So it can group a production line for very large volume requirements. The process is under fully automatic way and it is cost effective in labor.

  1. – Wider range of baling applications

Since horizontal balers can have much larger compressing force. So it has wider range of baling applications over vertical baler. Many large force metal balers are horizontal balers. So whatever cardboard and paper, plastics, grass, fiber or metal scraps, you will always find a suitable horizontal baler for these applications.


Horizontal balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many different type of horizontal balers in our product range. Two type of baling and bagging machines, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram automatic horizontal baler, L-type two ram horizontal baler, and horizontal briquetting baler are all in horizontal type. Different horizontal baler design suits different materials better. Contact SINOBALER for your own baling requirements.


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