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Horizontal Channel Baler Machine

Horizontal channel baler machines are those compressing machines with horizontal direction of press stroke. When waste materials are fed into the hopper, the compressing plate compresses the material with a horizontal force until bale completion. Then bale tying and bale ejection are following up until finishing the whole baling process. Normally horizontal channel baler can compact larger bales and higher volume of materials than vertical channel baler. Also horizontal baler can work with conveyor system, shredders and air system for more efficient and automatic processing.

What kind of materials that horizontal channel baler can compress?

Horizontal channel baling machines have a wide range of applications. For example, they can compress cardboard and paper, PET bottles and cans, animal fiber and plant fiber, hay and straw, alfalfa and even textile waste etc.

Bale size and bale weight produced in horizontal channel baler

The bale size depends on the compressing chamber size of the baler. Of course, you can choose the standard size from baler manufacturer. Or you can also tailor the compressing chamber size with your own baling requirements. But bale weight vary depending on the channel baler and nature of different raw materials. For example, plastic bales generally give heavier bales than the bales of cardboard or paper.

Horizontal channel balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several kind of different horizontal channel balers for your options. For example, scale weighing baling and bagging machine, heavy duty baling and bagging machine, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram fully automatic baler, L-type two-ram automatic baler and horizontal briquetting machine are all available in our product line. They can work with conveying system for automatic material feeding. Or they work with other size reduction machines like shredder and granulator for completing a whole product line like RDF line and PET bottle processing line.

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