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Horizontal Compactor VS Vertical Compactor

Many small or large-scale industries make use of compactors, which are efficient machines for the treatment of waste materials. Also they enhance recycling of the waste byproducts. The compactors are also popular in several names like balers, baling machines, baling presses, as well as compressing machines. They make use of the energy-efficient techniques to reduce the large amount or volume waste materials into small sized forms like dense square bales. Then they can be then recycled or reused for some other purposes. Both vertical compactor and horizontal compactor have wide applications.

The by-products formed after the impact of the compactors on the waste items are then stored separately and then can be transported easily for various uses. These offer several advantages to the humans and also prevent the natural environment of the Earth from the hazardous effects of the waste materials. The compactors come in various forms and sizes to accomplish the task of waste treatment. The most common of them are horizontal compactors and the vertical compactors. Some of customers confuse with vertical compactor vs horizontal compactor.

What is vertical compactor?

On comparison vertical compactor vs horizontal compactor, the vertical compactors compress or reduce the waste materials by imposing the pressure on the waste materials in a vertical fashion. That means they follow the top-down approach. Vertical compactor can be available in many different waste materials including cardboard sheets, plastics, foam, wood shavings, tires, plant and animal fiber, used clothes, paper and drums etc. These waste materials are dumped into the vertical compactor which then works upon these by thrusting a vertical force on the waste items, compressing them down with the weight. When compared with the horizontal compactors, the use of the vertical compactors offer several advantages like:

  • – The vertical compactors occupy less space than horizontal compactors. They are also light weight and thus become preferable for the use of the waste treatment and recycling.
  • – Generally speaking, vertical compactor costs less than same force horizontal compactor.

 What is horizontal compactor?

The horizontal compactors function differently than the vertical compactors. These work in the left-right or the horizontal fashion wherein when the waste materials are stuffed in the compactor body. The relative greater sideway force tends to compress the waste materials to considerably dense bales. The use of the horizontal compactors can have several advantages over the use of the vertical compactors. These can be:

  • – The horizontal compactors can treat or compress larger volumes of the waste materials in comparison to the vertical compactors.
  • – Horizontal compactor is more convenient to connect conveyor belt and other recycling machines for a large recycling line or waste production line.
  • – Large fully automatic horizontal compactor can achieve all the work automatically from feeding to final dense bales. This saves a lot in labor cost and improves the working efficiency.

There is no simple answer for which compactor is the best. SINOBALER always recommend the most suitable vertical compactor or horizontal compactor based on customer’s space, budget, bale size, bale weight, and output requirements. Just send us your specific needs, our professional team is ready for offering you the best baling solution.


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