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Horizontal Flax Fiber Baler Machine

What is flax fiber? 

Flax is a type of annual herb and natural plant fiber, and it mostly grows in cool areas. Flax fiber comes from the inner bark of the stem of flax plant. It is a natural, cellulosic, multi-cellular bast fiber. Flax fiber is stronger than cotton, and it is a popular material in the textile industry as a linen fashion as well as formal apparel for men and women. Like all natural fiber, flax fiber is fluffy to some extent and it is a good idea to use a vertical or horizontal flax fiber baler to compress it so as to reduce storage and transportation cost.

Baling of flax fiber

There are generally two different types of flax fiber balers available which are horizontal balers and vertical balers. Vertical balers are usually manually operated, and compress from the top down. They are best suited when there are smaller quantities of materials need to baled. On the other hand, horizontal flax fiber balers have top loading hopper, you can conveniently load from the top by conveyor belt or forklift. A horizontal flax fiber baling machines compress the material from the side, they can be semi-automatic or fully automatic in operation. Horizontal flax fiber balers are ideal for larger quantities baling needs. 

Horizontal flax fiber baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized hydraulic baler manufacturer in China. Our horizontal flax fiber balers range from 20tons up to 120 tons in compressing force. Baling capacity covers approx.. 1 ton per hour to 20 tons per hour. There are manual tie option as well as auto tie option available. You can choose from our standard models, we can also customize machines to suit your specific requirements. If you are looking for horizontal flax fiber baler, just contact us and our team will discuss with your needs in detail and propose the optimal flax fiber baling solution.

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