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Horizontal Paper Baler Machine

About 35% solid waste is paper waste. So paper waste recycling is one of the most popular waste recycling in the world. Paper baler is also popular as paper baling machine, paper baling press and paper compactor. It can compress various paper waste like office paper, newspaper, magazines into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store. Paper balers can be either vertical paper baler or horizontal paper baler. Now more and more people prefers to the horizontal paper baler due to the developing amount of paper waste recycling needs.


Horizontal paper baler machine in paper recycling

Scrap paper is very suitable for recycling and it can produce molded pulp packaging. Paper waste recycling can reduce about 35% water pollution and 74% air pollution, if we do not make virgin paper. Scrap paper recycling contains several different recycling machines for easy process. Horizontal paper baler machine is a necessary compacting machine in reducing paper size for easy transportation and storage. It helps you to save a lot cost by compressing paper waste into dense bales when you transport the paper waste to paper mills. Also the baled paper has more benefits than common paper. For example, it reduces the fire risk.


Horizontal paper baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of different horizontal paper balers in product range. So if vertical mill size paper baler is not enough to suit your baling output, horizontal paper balers are better choice. Automatic feeding conveyor is optional for horizontal paper baler for efficient feeding. Manual-tie horizontal baler is a closed end design baler. Except for manual tying, the other processes are automatic. Of course, you can choose our fully automatic horizontal baler for totally automatic working. These two machines are using steel wire baling for paper. If you need plastic strapping or more flexible baler machine, our two-ram automatic baler is your best choice.


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