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Hot Selling Horizontal Baler

Hot selling baler machines normally are popular baling machines in the market. For each application, they have their own hot selling balers which best suits the baling requirements for this industry. Hot selling horizontal baler machines are those horizontal balers with good sales record.

Hot selling horizontal baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of balers which can meet different baling requirements from different industries all over the world. Both vertical baler and horizontal baler have their own hot selling balers. Below are some typical hot selling horizontal balers in SINOBALER for easy reference:

Scale weighing baling and bagging machine features with its scale weighing function. It is quite suitable for small size baling capacity as well as same bale weight requirement. For example, if you only have 5 tons per day coconut peat or 500 kgs per hour sawdust for baling, please go for this machine. Since these two materials are both loose and small, baling and bagging them into a bag is an ideal solution for handling.

Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is the bigger size but with similar baling and bagging function with scale weighing baler. For example, if you want to bale 4.5 tons per hour rice husk and also need a conveyor for easy material feeding, this heavy duty bagging baler is the right one to go.

Manual-tie horizontal baler is a medium size baling machine for cardboard and plastic waste. For example, our SHB1-400 model is suitable for baling approx. 1 ton per hour cardboard, while SHB1-600 is suitable for baling approx. 1.2 tons per hour cardboard.

Fully automatic horizontal baler is our top line of baling machines. You can achieve fully automatic operation under PLC control. It really improves your efficiency and saves labor cost. Also it covers a wide range of baling materials. So it has an increasing market all over the world.

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