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How to improve your waste recycling?

When talking about waste recycling, we are often asked for suggestions on how to make the waste recycling more profitable and more environment friendly. But how to improve waste recycling? Here are some tips which may help you:

1. Know what can be recycled and what can be accepted
As you know, not all waste materials can be recycled, and not all recycling companies recycle same material. It will be helpful for you to consult some experts in this field to learn what kind of material can be recycled and get to know what scrap materials that recycling companies usually can accept. Normal recyclable material includes almost all kinds of paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and container, rubber scrap, metal scrap, beverage cans, packaging or agriculture film, etc.

2. Separate wastes
The value of the waste is greatly determined by the classification degree. To increase the value of your waste, you need to sort out your recyclables to different types. And to make the sorting more efficient, you can get some containers for placing each recyclable material separately and further sort out before sending them for recycling facilities.

3. Clean your waste and keep dry
The waste materials are often not clean, usually containing residuals like food, water, soil, oil …, which may pollute your recycling area and damage some of your other recycling material like paper. Meanwhile, the liquid residual will add weight to your waste and your transportation cost may be increased. Therefore, try to clean your waste and keep them dry.

4. Baling before recycling
In recycling business, transportation is always quite a big cost. To save this transportation cost, the best way is to compact the recycling materials as dense as possible and pack them into compact bales. Dense and uniform bales not only reduce your transport cost, but also are easily to be stacked up, loaded and unloaded.

Baling machine have many different types and sizes. When you are choosing a baler, do consider your recycling facility’s limit height because it will become a headache to you if you purchase a press machine that is too high to place in your facility or your room height is not enough for the machine working even if it can be placed in. Suggest you to consider leaving at least 500mm empty space between the machine top and the room ceiling if you purchase a vertical down stroke baler. However, if it is a horizontal baler, you’d better consider about 4 meters activity radius at the bale exit area to ensure you have enough space to remove the pressed bales.

Hope the above information can be helpful and useful to improve your recycling. You can consult SINOBALER for any question about baling machines.  For size reduction machine shredders and granulators, you can visit at for more information.