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Hydraulic Bale Press Machine

Hydraulic bale press machine is a durable and efficient baling press machine for different kind of materials. The working principle of this machine is to use hydraulic pressure to compress materials into dense bales. Due to different baling requirements from different materials, the specific feature designs are required to better meet the final baling result. Both vertical compressing force and horizontal compressing force are available in the market for hydraulic bale press machine options.


Which decides your bale size?

There are many determinants of different bale sizes. For example, if you only want to save shipping cost for cardboard bales, you need to calculate the ideal bale size which can achieve the maximum number of bales in the container. If you want to sell animal bedding materials, you need to check the popular bale size selling in the market.


Which decides your bale weight?

Bale weight is critical in determining the value of a same size bale. For same bale size, higher bale density produces higher bale weight. The wrapping tightness or bale compression influences the bale density. The density also helps to save transportation cost and feeding costs. Most balers have a range of settings which can allow operator to decrease or increase the bale compression or wrapping tightness. Of course, different materials have different natural density which is also important for final bale density and the options of compressing force.


Hydraulic bale press machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER have a complete range of vertical hydraulic bale press machines and horizontal hydraulic bale press machines. These hydraulic bale presses can press materials into bales thus making them easy to transport or store. Our extensive experience in this machine enables us to provide the customized variants as per each customer’s individual requirements. Contact SINOBALER for your own ideal hydraulic bale press machine now! View more size reduction machines.