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Hydraulic Baler VS Pneumatic Baler

Baler is a machine that takes in loose materials and compress them into a block which is further strapped up to maintain the shape. Such regularly shaped and strapped blocks are referred to as bales. They are easy to be stored and moved around with pallets and forklifts, greatly facilitating storage and logistics processes. Categorized by the different medium used, there are hydraulic baler machines and pneumatic baler machines available in the market.

Hydraulic Baler VS Pneumatic Baler

Hydraulic baler is driven by a pump and electric motor using hydraulic cylinders, working fluid is hydraulic oil. Pneumatic baler is air driven by a compressor and air operated cylinders, working fluid is compressed air.

Pneumatic baling machines are faster than hydraulic baling machines, which makes them capable of baling more efficiently. With less parts and components attached, pneumatic baling machines are also simpler and easier for maintenance. However, pneumatic baler requires air compressors to function which cost extra money. The bulky and heavy air compressor plus the lengthy connection air hoses, makes pneumatic baler less portable.

Hydraulic systems are able to generate a greater amount of pressure compared to pneumatic system. In pneumatics, only 80-100 psi of pressure is used for its industrial applications, whilst hydraulic-based applications frequently use pressures that range from 1,000-5,000 psi. In general, hydraulic baling presses are applied for high load application, while pneumatic baling presses are applied for low load application.

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