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Hydraulic Baling Machine

Since hydraulic configuration is the most important part of the baler and we use hydraulic compressing force to bale the materials, we simply call this kind of machine as hydraulic baler or hydraulic baling machine. Hydraulic baling machines range from vertical balers to horizontal balers. From mini hydraulic baler to large fully automatic hydraulic baler, the hydraulic system also change from simple to a complicated system to meet different requirements. Oil sealing and oil cylinder are the most important part of hydraulic parts. Solid piston rod used to the cylinder guarantee our Of course, the cooperation and compliance among all the hydraulic parts including pump, valves and cylinder are essential to the overall work of the hydraulic baling machine. Rugged construction of the machine enables the machine to work smoothly year by year.

The applications of hydraulic baling machine

Hydraulic baling machine can be in different designs to suit all kinds of different materials. For example, cardboards, paper, PET and HDPE bottles or containers, metal drums or barrels, tires, aluminum cans and foils, used clothes, hay and straw, wood shavings, sawdust, animal and plant fibers, plastic films, and other solid waste etc.

Hydraulic baling machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a wide range of hydraulic baling machines to worldwide customers. Also we can customize the machine by taking many factors into account. For example, size of machine installation space, material type and the status of raw material, baling output requirement per hour or per day, and bale size and bale weight requirement etc. SINOBALER always emphasis on engineering excellence, quality machine manufacturing and product innovation. Reliable machine quality and excellent after sales service ensure our balers covering more than 100 countries all the over the world. Contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own hydraulic baling press machine.

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