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Hydraulic Baling Press Machine

What is a hydraulic baling press machine?

Hydraulic baling press machine is compressing machine which is driven by hydraulic system. Normally a hydraulic baling machine is comprised of three major parts which are the machine body frame, the electric system and the hydraulic system.


What is the type of hydraulic baling press machine?

Hydraulic baling press machine can be vertical one or horizontal one. It can serve the baling of ferrous or non-ferrous scrap in all forms. Whatever paper and cardboard waste, plastic packaging materials like PET bottles, plastic films, tires, used clothes, metal chips waste, wood shavings, sawdust, cotton, plant and animal fiber, or hay and straw, you will always find a right hydraulic baler machine there.


How to choose a right hydraulic baling press machine?

Some hydraulic baling machine is a common baler which can be available for compressing many materials. However, some of them are especially for specific material’s baling purpose like tire baler or lifting chamber baler. So first you should know what kind of materials you want to bale.

Second, you should estimate the baling output of the machine. If the required output is small, vertical baler is enough for you. If the required output is quite huge, you should definitely consider the fully automatic horizontal baler.

Third, you should consider the available space for the baler machine. Also you should check the financial budget.

In a word, you should consider many aspects before you purchase a right hydraulic baling press machine.


Hydraulic baling press machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a wide range of hydraulic baling presses in product range. These hydraulic baling machines are made utilizing superior grade raw material and innovative techniques in complete adherence with the international quality norms and standards. Choose the right hydraulic baling press for your application. SINOBALER specializes in highly efficient balers, plus offer the best baler warranty in the business!


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