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Recycle Cardboard with a Hydraulic Cardboard Baler

How to recycle cardboard with hydraulic cardboard balers for sale?

Six steps to show how to recycle cardboard with hydraulic cardboard balers for sale

Step 1: select a professional baler manufacturer

Baler manufacturers are around the world but different baler manufacturer has their own strength and weakness. European and American baler manufacturers are featured with high quality but costly balers. China is a well-known manufacturer country. There are many baler manufacturers but only few of them are qualified and experienced. Since SINOBALER is a leading baler manufacturer in waste recycling industry, we have a complete range of balers for your wide application and different output purpose. For cardboard baler, SINOBALER fully automatic baler is competing quality with European and American balers, but our cardboard baler price is much more competitive. SINOBALER has sold balers to more than 100 countries in the world. So you can count on us for baler quality, customized baler design ability, good service and after-sales technical support.

Step 2: choose a right hydraulic cardboard balers for sale which best suits your cardboard recycling scale.

SINOBALER has several vertical balers and horizontal balers for cardboard baling purpose. You can simply send SINOBALER your cardboard bale weight and output request. SINOBALER team will recommend the ideal cardboard balers for sale. Also you can use our smart application and baler selection tool to find your right baler. For special cardboard baling requirement, our baler engineer will tailor a customized cardboard baler for you.

Step 3: install cardboard baler properly especially for large-sized fully automatic baler

Normally SINOBALER will send our engineer to customer site for large size fully automatic baler installation. The initial installation is quite important for long-term running and maintenance. SINOBALER baler engineer will take the opportunity to train your staff how to run the big baler and how to maintain this large baler.

Step 4: use cardboard baler according to user manual

Before you use SINOBALER baler, please read our baler manual first and it is very helpful. We have very detailed introduction and explanation about your baler in baler manual. Machine’s technical data, features and diagrams of your baler, warranty, safety instructions, functioning principles, key points to note, pre operation, connecting baling wires, operation instructions, checking – before operation, how to start operation, end of operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, electrical diagram, hydraulic diagram and preventative maintenance checklist are all inclusive in our baler manual.

Step 5: have a good maintenance plan for your cardboard baler

If you can have a good maintenance plan, for example, change hydraulic oil periodically or prepare consumable spare parts in stock, your hydraulic cardboard baler will return long term investment benefit by smoothing and extended year running.

Step 6: consult cardboard baler manufacturer if you have any questions or problems

SINOBALER baler engineer is working hard and respond promptly to your any technical questions or problems. You can send email to, or contact us by phone, skype or whatsApp directly.

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