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Hydraulic Drum Crushing Machine

Hydraulic drum crushing machine also popular as drum crusher, barrel flattener and drum crushing baler, is a drum flattener which can compress the full size drum into a piece of drum under a hydraulic force. So it can greatly reduce the space for storing the scrap drums and make the scrap drums or barrels recycling much easier and efficient.

Hydraulic drum crushing machines in the market

Overall there are two kinds of hydraulic drum crushing machines in the market for different options. One is the common drum crusher and the other is the automatic drum crusher. Both of them are robustly built units to ensure fast and easy crushing the drums or barrels. Also the great hydraulic pressure can be able to flatten almost any kind of metal containers, drums or barrels up to full 220Litre size. The main difference between these two type of drum crushers is whether the operation is manual or automatic. Common drum crusher needs manual drum loading and taking out, while automatic drum crusher can achieve the whole process from loading, compressing to ejecting drums in a fully automatic operation. So the latter one is more efficient and easier for operation.

SINOBALER hydraulic drum crushing machine

When you have scrap drums or barrels for recycling, SINOBALER drum crushers are always ready for service. If you have only a few drums or barrels, we recommend our typical drum crusher for easy installation and lower initial investment. However, if you have large amount of scrap drums or barrels, our automatic drum crusher set will be the ideal option for you. The rolling conveyor helps to load drums one by one and move into compressing chamber finally. The hydraulic ejecting mechanism will eject compressed drums from the compressing chamber. The whole loading, compressing and ejecting process are in an automatic operation. The easy loading and quick cycle time save time and money. Also such automatic operation ensures a high level of safety for operator. The high compaction force ratio saves cost in transportation, storage and handling.

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