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Hydraulic Oil For Baler Machine

Hydraulic oil for baler is necessary for good working of a hydraulic baler machine. Because all kinds of pumps, valve components, cylinders, pipes and filters are all working under hydraulic oil. So it is very important to ensure that baler machine’s hydraulic system is operating properly. Maintaining a proper oil level with high quality all weather hydraulic oil is quite good for the preventative maintenance and safety.


Hydraulic oil for baler machine

What kind of hydraulic oil is the best for hydraulic baler? Or how to purchase the hydraulic oil for my baler? These are the frequent questions from our customers. SINOBALE always give detailed tips to our indeed customers. For example, we will have specified section for hydraulic oil in our heavy duty baling and bagging baler user manual:

Fill in hydraulic oil until it reaches the line of “BEST OIL LEVEL” . The oil tank has been cleaned before delivery, and hydraulic oil can be filled in directly. Please fill in Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, viscosity grade is #46, oil volume needed is approx. 400L When the ambient temperature is lower than 0 centigrade, please choose anti-freezing oil. Always choose proper grade of hydraulic oil from any internationally recognized Hydraulic Oil manufacturer/supplier. Here are some internationally famous brands of hydraulic oil for your reference: MOBIL, SHELL, CASTROL, BP, TOTAL, AMSOIL, etc. Please also fill oil into the pump.

Different baler model has different oil volume to suit hydraulic system working best. Hydraulic oil spec should be different under different temperature. For example, Grade 46 is fine when ambient temperature is 40°C or below. But Grade 68 is better when ambient temperature is above 40°C. Make sure temperature of hydraulic oil is within the range of 0 to 60 degree Celsius, when the machine is in operation. Also normally hydraulic oil should be changed 6 months after commencing operation.

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