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Hydraulic Palm Fiber Baler Machine

What is palm fiber? 

Palm fiber is a type of natural fiber which comes from the palm plant. Palm fiber is a good substitute to coconut fiber. It has wide applications in mattress and cushion production, carpet and mats, brooms and brushes, medium density fiberboard manufacturing, filtering material in drainage industry, paper and pulp production, ropes, and cords etc. The common characteristic of almost all natural fibers is they are very fluffy. Therefore, it is very important for exporters of palm fiber to choose a proper hydraulic palm fiber baler to compress palm fiber into neat and dense bales to save space as well as transportation cost.

What factors to consider when choosing hydraulic palm fiber baler? 

Palm fiber generates high rebounding force when it is being pressed. When choosing a baling machine for such high rebound material, the first thing to keep in mind is the machine must be robustly built to withstand the rebounding force. Second consideration factor is to ensure you choose an appropriate pressure force for your baling machine. Or else it will wear out quickly under such rebounding force.

Vertical or horizontal hydraulic palm fiber baler? 

Generally speaking, there are two main types of hydraulic palm fiber baler, vertical type and horizontal type. The choice between these two types of balers pretty much depends on the volume of palm fiber you will be handling on a regular basis, as well as the labor cost in your region. If you intend to bale more than a ton of palm in an hour, the horizontal hydraulic palm fiber baling machine would be a good choice. But if the labor cost in your region is cheap and the amount of palm fiber is not big , then you can consider the more economical vertical hydraulic palm fiber baling machine.

Hydraulic palm fiber baler form SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized hydraulic baler machine manufacturer in China. All our machines are CE certified and we are very experienced with exporting machines. If you are looking for a hydraulic palm fiber baler, please feel free to contact us. And our team will recommend the optimal baling solution for your specific palm fiber baling needs.

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