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Hydraulic PET Bottle Baling Press

PET bottle recycling is a not a new thing today. But it is not an easy process. Take Coca-Cola for example, the plastic bottle bottom and caps are made of HDPE but the bottle itself is made of PET. Japanese separate the bottle and caps in different recycling. But most of us do not know it. So in China the separation is a must in PET bottle recycling line. Also there are many recycling machines like hydraulic PET bottle baling press machine are playing different role in whole PET bottle recycling process.


PET bottle scrap solution after recycling

PET bottle scrap can be from water bottle, oil bottle, drink bottle and other similar plastic bottles. For most of us, it only means putting the PET bottle scraps into recycling bin around. But this is far from recycling PET bottle scraps into PET board, fiber and new PET bottles. Let us take a look at new creations after PET bottle recycling. Textile fiber is the most common product from PET bottle scrap. So do not surprised that your clothes are made from recycled PET bottles. At least 10% of new PET bottles are from the scrap in Coca-Cola. Polyester product like PET strap and PET board is also a solution after PET bottle recycling. Some PET bottle scrap are shredded into small articles for plastic injection molding purpose.


Hydraulic PET bottle baling press machine in PET bottle recycling line

The first step of PET bottle recycling is the PET bottle scrap collection. Normally PET bottle are collected from recycling bins around roads. Hydraulic PET bottle baling press machine has functions mostly in two processes. One is in recycling center. People us it to compress the PET bottle scraps into dense bales and deliver the bales to PET bottle washing line facility. The other is in PET cleaning facility. After glass, metal, cardboard separation from PET, these materials need to be baled and delivered to each recycling facility.


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