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Hydraulic Plastic Bottle Compressor Machine

Since waste PET bottles take up the majority of your waste stream, compressing large amount of plastic bottles really can save much space. Hydraulic plastic bottle compressor Machine machine is such a right machine to compress hollow plastic bottles into dense bales for easy handling in storage and transportation.

Typical hydraulic plastic bottle compressor machines in the market

Mini hydraulic plastic bottle compressor baler is especially suitable for space limited facility like vessels. The maximum press force is about 20 tons. It features with small footprint and low height.

Long stroke plastic bottle compressing baler is a vertical compressing machine. The long stroke design is for effective and full compaction of every hollow article in the bale. It combines baling and draining in one step. So it can keep the recycling area neater and safer.

Manual-tie horizontal plastic bottle compressing machine is also a popular baler for medium size of baling purpose. You can also call it as semi-automatic horizontal baler. Before baling waste PET bottles with water inside, it is a good solution to use perforating machine first to punch holes on the bottles. You can put a conveyor underneath the perforating machine, so that the bottles after perforating can be automatically conveyed to the baler machine.

Fully automatic horizontal baler is very popular in large amount baling requirement facility or recycling center. For example, SINOBALER has two type of different fully automatic balers. Both machines are ideal for compressing plastic bottles to high density bales. L-type two-ram fully automatic baler allows to have two strapping materials. Either plastic strapping or steel wire is available. Automatic feeding conveyor is optional for effective material feeding. Also PLC control system automates the operation and promotes accuracy. Cooling system is also optional to cool down the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

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