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Hydraulic Waste Paper Baling Press Machine

Hydraulic waste paper baling press machine is a baling press machine to compress waste paper into square dense bales for easy transportation and storage. This paper baling press machine is driven by hydraulic system. So it is popular as hydraulic waste paper baling press machine.


Paper recycling importance

  1. – Industrialized paper making has an effect on the environment. You know wood is the main source of paper pulp. So paper production needs a lot of trees. If paper waste is not recycled, paper waste also has negative impacts on environment too.
  2. – Paper recycling also creates new jobs for paper recyclers.
  3. – Paper recycling helps to reduce the landfill. Because about 35% of municipal solid waste by weight is in paper and paper products.
  4. – Paper recycling causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than making virgin paper.


Paper baling in paper recycling

Mill broke, pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste are three type of paper waste. They can be used as feedstocks for making recycled paper. After these paper waste is collected, recyclers need to bale it into dense bales for easy transportation. So they will choose a right paper baling machine to do this job. They can use paper baler to compress the used or old paper directly before any further process. Or they can shred and heat paper waste first and then bale it. Hydraulic waste paper baling press machine is an ideal choice in both options.


Hydraulic waste paper baling press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers several type of paper baler machines for different output purpose. From vertical mill size baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a right paper baling press machine. Or you can contact us and our professional engineers will tailor a paper baling machine to suit your specific baling needs.


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