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Industrial Baling System

A single baler is quite suitable and cost effective for small size and medium size of material baling purpose. When it comes to large quantities of recycling materials, an industrial baling system is the efficient solution. It can further cooperate with material feeding system, size reduction system, sorting system, bagging system, and sealing system etc. to achieve a complete recycling line.

The applications of industrial baling system

Industrial baling systems have a wide range of applications covering different kinds of industries. It covers but not limited to cardboard and paper, plastic bottles, animal and plant fiber, small and loose materials like wood shavings, high rebounding material like tires, old clothes, and metals etc. So you can find all kinds of baling systems in recycling centers, transfer stations, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, and many industrial and commercial locations.

Industrial baling system in the market

Industrial baling system is the baler which aims to bale and recycle large amount of materials, since it features with versatility and high capacity all in one. Under the customized hopper and conveyor system, baling system takes good care of big scale baling tasks fast. Below are some typical industrial baling systems for example:

1. Fully automatic horizontal baler + conveyor system

You can find such machines combination in either large cardboard or plastic recycling centers.

2. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine + conveyor system + sealing system

Large amount of wood shavings handling facility also needs such kind of combination for efficient and cost effective working.

3. Fully automatic horizontal baler + conveyor systems + shredding/granulating system + sorting system

You can find RDF line in RDF plant for a whole complete recycling line.

4. automatic drum crusher set

For large amount of drum crushing, this automatic drum crusher set can achieve automatic drum loading, crushing as well as ejecting in one line. So it is very efficient and labor cost saving.

So Contact SINOBALER to tailor your own industrial baling systems today!

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