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Industrial Cardboard Baler – Recycle huge cardboard waste created from 11/11 aka Singles’ Day Sales

November 11 now is China’s or even the world’s biggest online shopping event. Almost all the online businesses join this event. It creates huge sales revenue each year. Take Alibaba for example, 2017 Singles’ Day sale generates a new record of 168.2 billion yuan that equals to 25.3 US dollars in sales. It is 40 percent higher than sales on Singles Day in 2016. At least 225 countries and regions contribute this new sales record. Most people benefit from this shopping event and we always receive the products in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. All we know cardboard is a recyclable material. But how to recycle these cardboard boxes in a cost effective and efficient way? Industrial cardboard baler can help.


Why cardboard recycling is so important and make sense?

E-commerce sales have shot up in recent years. So this creates huge demand for corrugated boxes. But the box industry may not benefit as much in the long term from this huge shift in retail. Because cardboard raw material price is high and this eat way their gains. Also online commerce companies are seeking new packaging alternatives to keep their shipping costs under control. So cardboard waste recycling makes great sense both from economy and environment.


Use an industrial cardboard baler to save your transportation cost in cardboard recycling

Cardboard recycling starts from cardboard waste collection and finishes at the new cardboard manufacturing. During the whole process, many recycling machines play their own role in each step. Industrial cardboard baler is an important compacting machine which compresses cardboard waste into dense bales for the savings in transportation and storage. It is quite easy to pick up cardboard bales and load them in the truck. The dense and rectangle bales can maximize the cardboard waste loading in truck. So you can save transportation cost from this maximum loading amount.

SINOBALER has a complete line of industrial cardboard balers for sale in product range. From vertical mini cardboard baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find your suitable baling requirement cardboard baler machine from us. Inquiry now!


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