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Industrial Cardboard Baling Machine

What is industrial cardboard baling machine?

Industrial cardboard baling machine is one kind of the industrial baler machine. As we all know that, the industrial baler machine is popular in the waste recycling disposal business, because the industrial baler machine has the ability to reduce storage and transportation size. For example, we can use the industrial baler machine to bale the scrap material down to an ideal size. The waste material can be efficiently transported to the manufacturing facilities or recycling centers where they can be recycled and reused. The waste material covers a lot of applications. For example, waste cardboard, waste papers, waste PET bottles, waste metals, waste plastic films, waste tires/tyres and waste textiles etc. Therefore, we can learn that the industrial cardboard baler is the the industrial baler machine which can handle the cardboard.

What are the categories of industrial cardboard baling machines?

The industrial cardboard baling machine can be either vertical industrial cardboard baling machine or horizontal industrial cardboard baling machine in general. The vertical industrial cardboard baler includes the heavy duty type and normal vertical type.

The normal vertical type of industrial cardboard baling machine is with one cylinder. The compress force of it is normally between 10-50 tons. It widely used in the internal waste disposal. If the quantity of the cardboard you need to handle per day is not large and you do not have high requirement about the bale density, you can go for this type of machine. The heavy duty type of industrial cardboard baling machine is with two cylinders. It is ideal for applications that require higher pressure to compress. The bale density of heavy duty type is much higher than the normal type.

The horizontal industrial cardboard baling machine are designed to be used continuously. The feeding process of the them can be either automatic or manual. The horizontal industrial cardboard baler takes up more floor space than vertical balers and the output of them are much higher than the vertical type. If you need to handle tons of cardboard per hour, you can go for the horizontal type.

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