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Industrial Wiping Rag Baling Machine

Industrial wiping rags are mostly recycled from scrap textile such as bedsheet, towels, bathrobes as well as second hand clothing. After selection of suitable texture of material, the textile material will be cut into wiper sizes. It is ranging from 30cmx30cm to 50cmx50cm with any labels, buttons and zippers removed. Such wiping clothes absorbs different liquids and oil. And they are widely used by machinery production companies, printing shops, painting companies, ship supply, metal workshops, building and other industrial companies who need cheap wipers for cleaning purpose. So a wiping rag baling machine is really helpful.

Industrial wiping rags are usually sold by specialized wiper suppliers in compressed bales. Each bale is ranging from 1kg up to 25kg. And bale size is from 210 x 145 x 100mm to 600 x 450 x 250mm. The benefits of baling industrial wiping rags are multifold, such as saving storage space and transportation cost, content is visible with transparent plastic bags. Furthermore the small sized packages can be easily carried around and stacked for logistics handling.

Wiping Rag Baling Machine in SINOBALER

The Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging Baler (also referred to as rag baler, wiper packing machine, wiper bagging press, industrial wiping rag baling machine) from SINOBALER is designated for compressing wiping cloths into dense bales inside plastic bags. Such rag balers have two rams arranged in perpendicular way. One is for compressing the wiping rags towards the inner chamber. While the other ram is for pushing out the compressed material into plastic bags mounted at the bale exit chute. An electric weighing scale is placed on the left top side of the machine, which is for user’s convenience to control bale weight by weighing the wiping cloths before feeding. With wheels assembled at the bottom, it is easy and convenient to re-locate the machine. For more information, please feel free to contact us, and one of our sales representative will be assisting you with any questions or information needed.

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