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Jeep Tire Baler / Jeep Tyre Baler Machine

Jeep SUV or jeep car is very familiar for us. Many people like it very much. How to deal with the scrap jeep tires? If the waste jeep tires are illegally dumped or stored improperly, it will have a threat to public health and safety. Hence this is very bad to our environment. If you do not want these old tires to become an environmental hazard, you need to eliminate these problems and seek a solution for the environment. So waste tire recycling is your good solution. The whole tire recycling line has several recycling machines involved in different sectors. Jeep tire baler, debeader, jeep tire shredder, jeep tire granulator, magnet separator, fiber separator, conveyor systems as well as de-dusting systems are all regular machines in whole tire recycling process.


Why we need to recycle jeep tire waste?

Instead of disposing tires in landfills or dumping tires in the neighborhood/community, It has many advantages and benefits to recycle jeep tire waste.

  1. – Proper tire recycling can replace the direct improper disposal of waste tires and help the environment.
  2. – Tire recycling can save your space to store these large volume scrap tires.
  3. – When people discard of waste tires incorrectly, they will create pollution. So proper tire recycling can help to avoid the safety and health risk from improper tire disposal.
  4. – Tire recycling can creates jobs which is good to economy.
  5. – Scrap tire materials can become valuable resource which includes fuel, construction materials, crumb rubber and remolded tires. These new resource can used in many different industries.


Jeep tire baler in Tire Recycling

We pick up all kinds of tires from jeep, cars, bikes, trucks and construction equipment. How to move these space occupied scrap tires to your recycling center? So jeep tire baler can help you to solve this problem. Jeep tire baler machine is used to compress many pieces of scrap tires into tight bale for easy transportation and storage. This is greatly saves your transportation cost and storage space. Due to tire’s high rebound feature, jeep tire baler normally is not a small and light baler. It must be a heavy duty baling machine which is strong in baler structure. Hydraulic system should be matched to high rebound feature. Not all baler manufacturers have the ability to manufacture such kind of tire baler well. You should find a professional and experienced baler manufacturer. SINOBALER is your right choice to go.


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