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Jumbo Baler Machine / Jumbo Scrap Baling Machine

Jumbo baler machine normally refers to large powerhouse balers which can compress large, thick or hard materials into tight bales. For ferrous materials, scrap metal recycling baler is a typical jumbo baling press machine. While for non-ferrous materials, fully automatic horizontal hydraulic baler can be considered as one of jumbo baler machines.


SINOBALER Jumbo Baler Machine for Non-ferrous materials

  1. – Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

This baler is one of the most popular automatic balers in SINOBALER. Customers usually purchased to compress cardboard and paper waste, coconut fiber, alfalfa, grass, plastic bottles and plastic film etc. From model SHBA2-200 to SHBA2-1200, you can always find a right one for your output and bale size purpose. We can also tailor the machine per your location, recycling line and different baling purpose. You can achieve output of 16 tons per hour for cardboard waste if you use model SHBA2-1200 Option B.

  1. – Twin-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

This twin-ram fully automatic horizontal baler machine is a state-of-art baler in SINOBALER. It has more applications in both baling materials and strapping materials. For almost all non-ferrous materials, this machine can handle due to its smart structure design. Both plastic strapping materials and steel wire materials are fine for this jumbo baler machine.

Contrary to the common baler machines, above jumbo baling machines are easy to handle with their digital commands and maintenance functions. So these machines usually come in a tightly crafted and functional design with optimum ease of operation and a long life span.


Benefits of Jumbo Baler Machine

There are many benefits from jumbo baler machine.

  1. – Large amount of loose materials is a headache for transportation and storage. Baled material is the material that is compacted in a baler, and tied using strapping or wire. So the first and most important benefit is to save transportation and storage cost.
  2. – Baling materials is labor costly job. Jumbo baler machine especially fully automatic jumbo baler machine can save you a lot in labor cost.
  3. – Baled materials reduce the risk of any possible fire hazard.
  4. – Jumbo balers improve the recycling output.


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