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Jute Bags Baler Machine

What are jute bags?

Jute bags are manufactured with natural jute or burlap. They have wide applications in carrying vegetable, grocery, gifts, books, textiles etc. So you can find them in office, school, stores and many other daily purposes. Compared with plastic bags, jute bags are recyclable and biodegradable. Because jute bags may only need a couple of weeks to decompose, whilst plastic bags needs hundreds or even thousands of years to break down. So jute bags are much more Eco friendly to nature.


How to recycle jute bags?

Jute bags come in many sizes, type, textures and colors, so they can be backpacks, school bags, shopping bags and many other type of bags. Normally they are durable and long lasting, but still there are many old jute bags waiting for disposal. How to reuse or recycle these jute bags instead of ending them up in the landfill directly? Below are some good solutions:

  1. Donate some good jute bags such as school bags to children from poor area.
  2. Repair torn and damaged jute bags and then resell them.
  3. Send jute bags beyond repair to craftspeople and reconstruct them for new solution.


Jute bags baler in recycling

When you collect large amount of jute bags in your warehouse, you plan to deliver them to another place. It is quite helpful to have a jute bags baler to make your handling easy and save some transportation cost. Both vertical baler and horizontal baler are optional to compress jute bags into bales. Heavy duty vertical baler seems more popular in the market to compact jute bags into high density bales. Because normally the quantity of jute bags do not have such big size as that cardboard waste has. Most customers needs the baler just for internal management or transportation convenience.


SINOBALER jute bags balers

SINOBALER have several type of jute bags balers with various models for different choices. Heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and even fully automatic baler are all quite suitable for baling jute bags. Contact SINOBALER today to find your best suitable jute bags baling press machines!


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