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Kenaf Fiber Baler Machine

Kenaf fiber is a bast fiber or wood fiber. This fiber has been the source of textile fiber for those products like rope, twine, bagging and rugs. It safeguards the environment which can be increasing safer and friendly for our health and sustainable future. As the raw materials, kenaf fiber bales are very easy for direct selling. So kenaf fiber baler machine is an ideal baling solution for easy transportation and storage of kenaf fiber.


What is kenaf fiber?

India, China and Bangladesh are three main source countries for kenaf fiber production. Kenaf fiber can be long bast fibers come from the bark, or short fat woody fibers come from the core. So it has potential to be the raw material of low density panels, pulp and paper. The long and short fiber combination gives the paper a strong soft feel. It is very similar like the paper made from combining abaca and cotton.


Kenaf fiber baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several baling kenaf fiber baler machines in product range. Whatever lifting chamber baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, heavy duty baling and bagging machine, or even fully automatic horizontal baler, they are all ideal for baling kenaf fiber.

For example, if you require fiber bales need to be wrapped in plastic film with plastic straps, we recommend our lifting chamber baler to you. If your bale size is small, our heavy duty horizontal bagging baler is also good for packing kenaf fiber in this case. In case some customer may prefer to want a solution for feeding the fiber into the baler without people’s hands. Then we can make the baler fed by conveyor. The conveyor stops feeding automatically when the baler’s chamber is full, and start automatically when the chamber is empty. For large amount of kenaf fiber baling, either fully automatic horizontal baler or even L-type two ram automatic baler is ideal baling solution. Steel conveyor will be available for easy and efficient material feeding in this case.

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