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How to adjust compressing pressure for SVBT2-L2 series

Please follow the steps below to learn how to adjust compressing pressure on your baling machine. Increasing or decreasing the compressing pressure will directly affect the density of your bale. However, we strongly advise you to refer to the safety working pressure stated on your Operator Instruction Manual to ensure you don’t go above the limit.
Learn the steps to adjust compressing pressure for your baler

Pressure adjustment steps for Swivel Twin Baler:

1. Switch on the power and start the motor.

2. Loosen the nut (as shown on picture above) using a wrench. Adjust overflow valve (see B) by turning handle clockwise during baling, you will see the pointer of pressure gauge (see A) increases gradually during the process.

3. If you turning the valve to opposite direction (i.e. anti-clockwise), and you will see a decrease of pressure.


– Adjust the valve slowly to achieve desired pressure, check the pressure gauge at all time so as to not increase/decrease too much at one time.

– The recommended pressure has already been set at our factory before delivery. Therefore, do not make any adjustment to pressure unless it is necessary.

– Remember to tighten the nut after adjustment is done.

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